Interconnect - GTN650 / GTN750 / G500 / G600 / G1000 / G3000 etc.

Weather and ADS-B Traffic

This applies to all avionics systems which are able to receive and display ADSB FIS-B weather. The displays listed below require an additional external box to actually receive the weather and traffic data. A simple wired connection will not work.

  • GTN650 / GTN750 (and Txi variants)
  • G500 / G600 / G1000 / G3000 (and Nxi variants)

  • EFD1000/500 (and variants)

  • SkyView (and variants)

    To provide a wireless interconnect the ADL140/150(B)/190/200 can be combined with the ADLS1G extension box. The ADL190 (serial #1400 and up) and ADL180B provide this interface on board, so do not require the ADLS1G.

    This solution requires a compatible transponder. supporting ADS-B in:
    GTX345(R), GTX45R, SV-ADSB-470/472 (for Dynon)

    Those cheaper or older transponders will NOT work:
    GTX330, GTX330ES, GTX327, GTX335, GTX33R, GTX35R

    Flight Plan Transfer

    Besides displaying the weather data most of the systems listed above can also send the currently active flight plan to the wired ADL device. This is done using a direct wire connection. But please not that test showed the G1000 with its GIA63(W) box unfortunately does not supply this flight plan information. The transmitted flight plan will also contain IFR procedures like arrivals etc.

    GTN750 Displaying Weather

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