Iridium GO and GO Executive vs ADL Devices

Iridium GO / GO Executive

The Iridium GO and GO Exec have those unique features:
  • Make phone calls
  • Download a wider weather corridor
  • Special data plans available for heavy use like airlines
  • Basic web browsing and WhatsApp is possible using the GO Executive
  • More than 100 Euro + VAT per month of recurrent charges
  • ADL Devices

    The ADL devices in comparison have those advantages:
  • Lower running cost, 39,50 EUR + VAT per month
  • Possibility of using short duration trip kits
  • Paperwork for permanent installation
  • Interconnect options with installed avionics
  • ADS-B Receiver and AHRS integrated
  • Superior aircraft tracking
  • Summary

    The ADL devices and the GO/GO Exec are very different solutions to obtain in flight satellite weather. Which one works best will depend on the aircraft and the operation. In general we recommend to use the classic GO on PC12, King Air, jets and similar aircraft while smaller GA aircraft usually choose the ADL devices.

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