Satellite Service Plans - Trip Kits

In order to use the ADL devices an Iridium satellite service plan is required. You sign up for this service plan directly with us.

Short Durations Trip Kits

Service plan activations are fully automated. You will receive a login which allows doing activations 24/7. Expect about 10 minutes delay between ordering and actual activation. Those service plans are available for all ADL devices except the ADL200.

Service plan Basic charge Duration Downloads
Trip kit 1 day 15,00 EUR
1 day 0,99 EUR + VAT
per Download
Trip kit 3 days 19,00 EUR
3 days 0,99 EUR + VAT
per Download
Trip kit 1 week 29,00 EUR
1 week 0,99 EUR + VAT
per Download
Trip kit 2 weeks 39,00 EUR
2 weeks 0,99 EUR + VAT
per Download
Trip kit 4 weeks 55,00 EUR
4 weeks 0,99 EUR + VAT
per Download

No downloads are included in the trip kit base charges. All downloads will be charged individually

General Conditions For All Plans

  • All prices plus 19% German VAT if applicable.
  • We reserve the right to charge extra for excessive use with download corridors much longer than 400NM but currently there is no extra charge.
  • SMS/text and email messages (outgoing or incoming) will be charged as 50% of a download.
  • Automatic position updates every 10 minutes are included with all active service plans. A fair use policy applies.
  • Payments can be made by credit card or SEPA direct debit.


    How many downloads will I consume per flight hour?

    New weather data is available every 15 minutes. So when running the ADL device in automatic download mode it will download four times per hour. So outside of included downloads you are looking at 4 x 0,99 EUR = 3,96 EUR + VAT per hour as a worst case.

    How many downloads might I use on a trip kit?

    Obviously this will depend completely on your usage. We have trip kits with just one downlaod which probably got orderd just in case worse weather did develop. And we get one day trip kits with 10-20 downloads if pilots really flew for hours through awfull weather. But the general feedback is that when more downloads have been used pilots report they have been worth every penny on a very challenging flight.

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