Interconnect - SkyEcho / Stratux / Rosetta etc.

Portable ADS-B Receivers

The ADL devices can be interconnected with a wide choice of mostly portable ADS-B traffic receivers. Popular choices are listed below.

GDL90 Compatible:
  • SkyEcho 2
  • Stratux
  • Rosetta
  • Stratus 3
  • Sentry Plus

    Non GDL90 Compatible:
  • Stratus 1-2S
  • Sentry (Mini)

    Running on the same WiFi

    The ADL devices can be configured to run as a client in a foreign WiFi. This way you can bring your ADL device and other portables providing only a WiFi access point into the same WiFi with your iPad (or Android device).

    Further, there are two classes of portables. Those running GDL90 protocol and other using proprietary protocols. All can run on the same WiFi as the ADL device but using GDL90 compatible devices the ADL can integrate its weather data into the GDL90 data stream provided by the portable ADSB receiver. As a result your app (ForeFlight, SkyDemon etc.) will receive only one combined stream containing traffic and weather data.

    Having a GDL90 compatible traffic device is especially usefull when using the SkyDemon app. SkyDemon can only connect to one source at a time, so having a combined GDL90 data stream is very helpfull to see traffic and weather at the same time. ForeFlight is more advanced in this respect, as it can receive data from multiple devices at the same time. It can receive non GDL90 compatible traffic data and ADL sourced GDL90 weather at the same time.

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