Interconnect - G3X, Aera 795, GPS 695

Weather and ADS-B Traffic

This applies to a series of non certfied or newly certified (G3X) devices. The important difference compared to the GTN650/750/G1000/G3000 is that an ADS-B in box is still required, but they are compatible with the much lower cost GDL30, GDL50, GDL52 product line compared to the expensive GTX345 etc.


  • G3X (and variants)
  • Aera 795 (and variants)
  • GPSMAP 695 (and variants)

    To provide a wireless interconnect the ADL140/150(B)/190/200 can be combined with the ADLS1G extension box. The ADL190 (serial #1400 and up) and ADL180B provide this interface on board, so do not require the ADLS1G.

    This requires a separate receiver or a compatible transponder. Usual choices are:
    GDL39(R/3D), GDL50/52, GTX345(R), GTX45R, GNX375

    G3X Displaying Weather

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