Iridium GO Classic vs Iridium GO Exective

Iridium GO Classic (right)

  • Small and light weight, fits into the pocket of your jacket. The picture above shows the real size difference
  • SMS texting and tracking integrated into the device
  • No web surfing
  • Very poor audio quality when making phone calls.
  • Lower hardware cost (about 880 Euro + VAT)
  • Satellite service invoiced per minute. 880 Euro + VAT for a typical 12 months plan.
  • Works with all existing Iridium antennas
  • Due to the low data rate usage of the device besides weather downloads and phone calls is very limited. E-Mail communication without attachments might be possible using specialized apps.
  • Unlimited use plans available

    Iridium GO Executive (left)

  • Solid build quality but very big and heavy device
  • No SMS texting integrated
  • Web surfing at very slow speed is possible for emergencies
  • Good audio quality for phone calls
  • Higher hardware cost (about 1600 Euro + VAT)
  • Satellite service invoiced by data volume. 1200 Euro + VAT for 12 months of the smallest data plan with 25MB per month.
  • Requires a specialized Iridium antenna when the antenna on the device is not used. An aviation antenna is currently under development but not yet available
  • The higher (but still very slow by todays standards) data rate allows more use cases like email, WhatsApp etc. but you can run through your data allowance very quickly and then things can get very expensive
  • Unlimited use plans are not available


    The ADLConnect weather features offered for both GO devices are currently identical. The GO Exec might offer a bit more potential for future developments, but currently the recommendation is to choose the classic GO for aviation purposes. The GO Exec is too big and heavy to have it permanently on the glare shield and wired antenna solutions are not yet available. The GO Exec is more expensive to buy and run. But if you have other special requirements and therefore choose the GO Exec, the ADLConnect for Iridium GO license works for both types of devices and we are happy to support you when using the GO or the GO Exec.

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